This BIOS update is for the WinBook XL ONLY. Use of this BIOS Update on any other computer WILL PERMANENTLY DAMAGE THE COMPUTER. If you are not sure about using this BIOS update, contact WinBook Technical Support at 1-800-468-1225. Date: 2/10/00

Installation Instructions

  1. After downloading the XL BIOS Update file for your computer, place a blank diskette in drive A: and Double click on the "My Computer" icon. Click on the 3 1/2" floppy once to highlight. Click on the "File" menu and select "Format." Set the "Format type" to "Full" and under the "Other Options" section, select the option to "Copy system files."  Click on the "Start" button to create the bootable disk.

  2. Click on the "Start" button, Click on "Find", and then select the option to "Files or Folders." Type in the name of the file downloaded, and click on the "Find Now" button. Once the file is located, double click on the file to extract it to the boot diskette that you created in Step 1.

  3. Click on the "Start" button, click on "Shut Down", and then select the option to "Shut Down the Computer" and click on "OK."

  4. With the BIOS boot disk still in the machine, turn the computer back on again.

  5. **Note: Do the following steps only if you do NOT have any partitions on your hard drive (blank or brand new Hard Drive). If you are just simply updating the BIOS, then you can skip the next three steps.

  6. When the computer restarts, you may see a message that a Suspend to Disk Partition could not be found. This is normal at this point in the update.

  7. When you have the A:> prompt, type HDPREP and press Enter. This will start the Suspend to Disk Utility program. This will reestablish your Suspend to Disk Partition on your hard drive.

  8. After the HDPREP program has finished, restart your computer.

  9. When the computer restarts and you see the A:> prompt, type "F" and press Enter. This will start the program to upgrade your System BIOS.

  10. When the procedure is completed, the computer will restart and the following message will appear:

    CMOS Setting Wrong


    Press F1 to Run Setup

    Press the F1 key. This will take you to the BIOS Setup Menu. Remove the floppy disk from your floppy drive. Next press the F10 key to save and exit. When asked if you want to save press "Y" for Yes and then press the "Enter" key. (The update program will set the BIOS setting to factory default) If you had customized the BIOS settings prior to this update, you will need to customize the setting once again. You computer will now restart to Windows.

Download the BIOS

XL117.EXE  2/10/00  256KB

Note: If you are uncomfortable installing this BIOS, then please Contact Technical Support.

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