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Subject: OEM Product Key Not Accepted During Installation of Windows 95/98
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Tech Article Number: WBTA12000546

NOTE: You, the customer, are solely responsible for data security. WinBook strongly recommends that you perform a backup of all personal data contained on your system prior to performing this procedure. Warning: WinBook will NOT be held responsible for any data loss incurred during this process.

When you attempt to install an OEM version of Windows 98, you may receive one of the following error messages:


The number you entered is not valid. Please make sure you typed the correct number of digits.


The Certificate of Authenticity number you entered is not valid.

Number entered: <number you entered>

You cannot complete Setup without it. To return to the previous screen and retype the number, click on the re-enter button.

This may happen either because you did not enter the Product Key (known as Product ID in Windows 95) correctly, or the Product Key originally entered on the computer does not match the number being entered.

Incorrectly Enter Product Key or ID

If you did not correctly enter the Product Key you need to type the OEM Product Key number from the Certificate of Authenticity correctly. This number can be found on the front of the Windows booklet included with your computer.

Enter the number as follows for Windows 95(where X equals each digit of the Product ID or Key):


Enter the number as follows for Windows 98(where X equals each digit of the Product ID or Key):


The Certificate of Authenticity is your assurance that the software you purchased with your computer system is legally licensed from Microsoft.

Product Key Number Does Not Match

If you reinstalled Windows over top of itself the Product Key must be entered. If the new Product Key does not match the number originally entered the process will stop and the software cannot be reinstalled without entering the original number.

They only way to solve this is to enter the number that was originally used when Windows was originally installed. You should be able to start Windows in Safe mode in order to find the original number. Use the right mouse button to click My Computer, and then click Properties on the menu that appears. The number you should enter should be listed. If you can no longer start Windows, you will need to contact WinBook Tech Support for further help.

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