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Subject: Configuring Internet Explorer to auto dial your Dial-Up Networking Internet connection in Windows 98 on the XL2
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If Internet Explorer is used to auto dial your Internet connection when you loaded it, but no longer does, and you use Dial-Up Networking, it is possible the settings have been changed. If you have already configured your Dial-Up Networking Connection properly for your Provider, try the following to verify that the Internet Explorer settings are correct:

Click on START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL. Double click on the INTERNET Icon and click on the CONNECTION tab.

Under CONNECTION, make sure that ‘Connect to the Internet using a modem’ is selected by clicking in the radio button beside it.

Click on the SETTINGS button. Under ‘Use the following Dial-up Networking Connection’ make sure that the Dial-Up connection for your Internet provider is selected. If it is not, click on the down arrow on the right side and select it. Click OK. Click on APPLY. Click on OK. Close Control Panel by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

The next time you click on the Internet Explorer icon it will bring up the dialing confirmation screen to dial your Internet Provider.

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